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The following information only applies to medical students at Michigan State University:
  • The HIT iClicker registration database is no longer the location to register your iClicker.
  • Do not register your iClicker at www.iclicker.com.  

To register your iClicker:
1.)  Log in to D2L at d2l.msu.edu.
2.)  Find “Register your iClicker Remote” tool (your course administrator has placed it in a module in your course), and click the tool.
3.)  Enter your iClicker ID (a series of eight numbers or letters on the back of your iClicker) on the iClicker Registration Tool screen, it will look like this:

4.)  Any iClickers that you have registered will show up in a table under the registration tool so that you can confirm that you have registered your iClicker.
5.)  See the iClicker Student Registration FAQs to the right of the tool if you have any questions.